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What are dust mites?

Dust mites are tiny microscopic animals that feed on dead skin flakes from humans and animals.

Inhabit thousands or even millions of mattresses, pillows, sofas, duvets, carpets, rugs, stuffed animals and many more. They live approximately 2 months in which they can lay between 25 to 50 eggs every 3 weeks.

They defecate up to 200 times their weight. This excrements contains a substance named “guanine”, which is the main cause of most allergies and problems of the skin.

We immediately eliminate and remove:

We offer our clients guaranteed and effective results, using biodegradable products, non-toxic and harmless for humans or the environment.

Benefits of Sanitizing Your Mattress:

  1. You will sleep on a mattress free of dust mites, virus, fungi, bacteria and other contaminants that endanger your health.
  2. Prevent diseases such as asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and others that can negatively damage your respiratory system and your life quality.
  3. Make your home a safer, more hygienic and comfortable place.
  4. It improves your health and quality of sleep.

Our Sanitizing and Washing Services

Sanicolchón ® is our effective sanitizer against viruses, bacteria, fungi and dust mites. It eliminates and inhibits their harmful and allergenic effect. Assist in treatments against asthma, chronic cough, rhinitis, hives, itching and allergies.

Removes odors from urine, cigar, damp, etc.

Free of pesticides